Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Baker's Wish List

I've gotta say, I'm pretty pumped! We still have two weeks until Christmas, and I'm DONE with all my shopping. Now I can sit back, bake a bunch of cakes, and enjoy the holiday season without feeling stressed about shopping. In fact, I think I only got one or two gifts at a store. The majority of my shopping was done online this year, and I loved it! I hate holiday shopping crowds, and it's about a hundred times worse when you have kids in-tow. No thanks! I'll stick to my computer and click away!

To make some of your shopping a little easier too, I put together a little baker's wish list - some items that I think you can't live without when baking cakes.

1. Jade Cake Stand - you simply have to have something beautiful to display your work of art on
2. Wilton Cake Lifter - this will make your life SO much easier when you're moving around your cake layers
3. Parchment Rounds - love the pre-cut parchment paper rounds - they're a total time saver!
4. Wilton Cake Leveler - for me, this is the easiest and most accurate method of getting completely level cake layers
5. Pioneer Woman Measuring Cup Set - because these are darling!
6. Decorating Tips - get a small set of tips and start experimenting with designs and styles you like
7. Fiesta 5-Piece Bamboo Utensil Set - for a little color in your kitchen, I think these are great displayed in a clear canister on your counter or hanging from your wall
8. Offset Spatula - an offset spatula helps to draw in the frosting edges on the top of your cake to help achieve a perfect edge
9. Sweetapolita Bakebook - you literally cannot go wrong baking anything from this cookbook. Sweetapolita is the queen of cakes, in my opinion, and I have no doubt you'll love everything you bake. (She's the reason I started making cakes!)

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